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20 years ago today Alien Ant Farm “ANThology”.

Tye Zamora comments:

March 6 2001, 20 years ago today Alien Ant Farm “ANThology” was release! This album was so amazing to make, along with the amazing people that made it happen. Thank you Papa Roach for discovering us. Thank you Dreamworks for signing us, releasing, and working it. Thank you Jay Baumgardner for producing and mixing it. Thank you Justin Harvey for assisting on it. And a huge Thank you to James “Malachi” Murray for engineering the album. I love and miss you so much. You will forever be in my heart. Rest In Peace my beautiful friend.

It’s crazy to think that 26 years ago Mike Cosgrove invited me over to his house to hang and talk about creating this band. We both knew we wanted to play together and would be the first time I was actually going to play bass in what I would call a more serious band. Several months later Terry joined then Mike and Terry brought in Dryden. We were a band before the first rehearsal. We wrote a song called “Tater Tots Jerome” which wasn’t the greatest, but it let us know we had all the right players in place. 4 poor kids from Corona, Riverside, Moreno Valley with the passion and drive to make an album that ended up selling over 5 million copies world wide!

Here’s to 20 years a one hell of a solid album! Happy Birthday ANThology!!!


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