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UP MusicTV




It is an alternative music television channel owned by the Pablo Ramírez Company whose vision is to recall the musical spaces that influenced several generations in Colombia and Latin America.

The channel will be transmitted online 24/7 and has as a novelty the support in the transmission of professional videos to independent artists along with the videos of the most important artists in the music industry.


The roots of UP Music TV go back to the year 2001, where the founder was inspired by the PLAY TV music video slot, a musical space that was broadcast on the TV Andina channel in Colombia, where the latest music video scene was presented. that era. The inspiration behind the founding of the UP Music TV channel is to resume the dissemination of videos of the alternative genre, influencing again through visual spaces.

Pablo Ramírez Company – UP MUSIC TV
Pablo Ramírez Company – UP MUSIC TV

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Pablo Ramírez Company – UP MUSIC TV


After analyzing the possibilities and results that would make it feasible to bring an IPTV signal to a global level, the decision was made to work with the most important online video platform in the world where live television channels and VOD videos of ; BBC, FOX, Amazon, Univision, VICE, MTV. The launch of this signal is officially scheduled for February 28, 8:00 am US Eastern time.


The channel's programming is mainly promotional videos of independent and current artists, the main spaces of the channel are:
   Videorama: Space dedicated to the most recent videos of the music industry.
   UP TV Noticias: Spanish-language space where new news, videos and artists from all over the continent will be interviewed and broadcast, its main broadcast will be via YouTube.
   UP 20 TV: Monthly space where the most requested videos will be ranked.
New: Each video will have a Code # that starts at #101 and ends at video #999. The video request will be made via leaving a comment with the video code.

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Availability Notes:

Free transmission channel via internet. Keep in mind that if you have a mobile phone charge, it could cause additional charges for data consumption.


The video must be sent with the following video format  to the email after the answer in 72 business hours, you will be informed if it is viable for its issuance.



  • U.S

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • Cuba

  • Aruba

  • Puerto Rico

  • Guatemala

  • Honduras

  • Nicaragua

  • The Savior 

  • Dominican Republic

  • Panama 

  • Spain

  • Costa Rica 

  • Colombia 

  • Venezuela

  • Ecuador 

  • Peru

  • bolivia 

  • Paraguay

  • chili 

  • Brazil 

  • Argentina

  • Uruguay

Pablo Ramírez Company – UP MUSIC TV
Pablo Ramírez Company – UP MUSIC TV

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